Turris backs up its claims of expertise and innovation with a team
steeped in capability and experience:

John Wahba, Ph.D., P. Eng., P. E. is Turris` principal engineer and is recognized internationally for his tower engineering - a reputation earned through16 years of experience in structural engineering at the design and research level. Dr. Wahba has designed some the world’s most complex towers – the most recent being the "hybrid" in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dr. Wahba has co-authored several publications in the field of dynamic and static analyses of guyed towers. Dr. Wahba holds engineering licenses in over forty jurisdictions across North America and is/has been active on many technical committees (CSA, TIA, ASCE dynamics of latticed structures), and the CSA Technical committee on Communication Towers and Wind Energy.

Richard Sullivan, P. Eng., is an expert in telecom and broadcast project management, operations and the development and implementation of structures and ancillary facilities. Mr. Sullivan career spans 25 years in the supply, installation, and commissioning of communications infrastructure in both the Wireless and Broadcast industries. Mr. Sullivan’s experience includes all facets culminating in senior management positions heading Manufacturing, Engineering, Field Services and Broadcast Services both domestically and internationally. Mr. Sullivan has extensive knowledge of Tall Tower and Broadcast Facility implementation and the associated construction and rigging techniques and practices required in this challenging field and is constantly sought out for his experience and advice in resolving challenging conditions and situations.

Tony Fonseca, P.E. is Turris Engineering Inc. Vice President.  Mr. Fonseca has over 30 years of broadcast tower experience. Responsible and involved in all phases of the tower industry, included tower and foundation design, detailing, fabrication, and quality assurance of broadcast tower structures, and project management. Design and analysis of structures 1000 ft. to 2000 ft. tall guyed towers, including foundation systems. Tony has extensive experience in the field with tower inspections and rigging operations with field technicians and tower crews. From tower and antenna installations, tower modifications to tower vertical alignment adjustments and guy line tensioning. Member of ASCE, AWS, and SBE

Natalie Rathfelder is Turris` Manager of Design Group. Mrs. Rathfelder has over 10 years experience in the engineering and detailing of towers for communications, broadcast and wind energy. Mrs. Rathfelder`s knowledge and expertise in 3D detailing enabled her to design and detail the most challenging structures with all the different configurations. She has also been involved in the development of new product lines for the telecom towers market.

John Cottone is Turris`   Manager of Projects and Procurement.  He is responsible for the creation of vendors network for the supply of tower structures within Canada, US and Internationally.  He is also responsible for projects execution and monitoring the progress from the design phase till shipping.  Mr. Cottone has been in the communication tower industry for  the past 18 years; designing and managing various size projects. As a checker/assistant engineering group manager, he managed groups as large as 6 detailers with at least 50 projects at any point in time. He has coordinated with CAD operators, engineers, project managers, sales and field personnel to ensure the completion of projects by required deadlines .

Santino Spadafora has over 10 years experience in the tower industry. He is experienced in estimating, fabrication, purchasing, materials management and most recently overseeing the entire manufacturing departments. Mr. Spadafora has an Architectural / Engineering technologist Diploma and several formal training courses within the Canadian Association of Production and Inventory Control Modules (CAPICS). He has managed the fabrication of tall towers all over the world - most recently a 400m hybrid tower in Jakarta, Indonesia including the installation equipment and the coordinating with the customer, engineering, freight forwarders, 3rd party inspectors, and other manufacturing groups.